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Welcome to the Wiki of the Project Agreflex


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This is the knowledge database of the project Agreflex.

Find more information about our technical and educational program in the UIT Wiki or FSI Wiki.

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Preliminary Study

Technical Content

  • Elements modelling: Physical models for category of elements for the simulator (WP2: Thierry Robert)
  • Simulator design: Design of a framework for the definition of the simulated system and of control strategies and for the execution of simulation scenarios (WP3 Simulator Design: Dominique Gabioud)
    • Power load flow: Basics of power load flow computation in an electic power network (theoretical basis for the simulator)
  • Optimisation strategies: Design of distributed optimisation algorithms (WP3 Algorithms: Guido Bologna & Paul Albuquerque)
  • Considerations on deployment: Regulatory, economical and technical considerations on the deployment of demand side management / demand response systems (WP4: Patrick Favre-Perrod)

Getting started

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Technical Content