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The Audio amplifier project is a one day sneak preview of the electronics taught at the Industrial Systems section of HES-SO//Valais Wallis. As such, it presents a mixed analog/digital system.

Lab activity

The system consists of:

  • an A/D converter which receives an audio signal
  • a digital circuit (FPGA) which mutiplies this signal by a gain and builds a Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) signal out of it
  • a class D amplifier which drives a loudspeaker from the PWM signal
  • a step-up circuit which generates a power supply voltage from a 12 V battery in order to have enough power to drive the loudspeaker

The project is presented to the EMVs students. They are provided with specifications in french.


The system is developed based on prototyping boards which are also used for other labs.

Some specific lab material is required additionally to the base lab equipment.

The day must be prepared with Lab files, USB sticks, etc.

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