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ElN is taught to the SI students in the first semester as part of the 2131_Ele course. It consists of 4 lessons frontal teaching, 2 lessons support course and 4 lessons laboratory per week. The first 10 laboratory sessions consists of single units spanning one session. During the last weeks the students work independently on a small project: in the uneven years its the Chrono and in the even years the Cursor project.

In this module the students learn the basics of digital circuits and design for configurable circuits. During the lab sessions and in particular during the project, the students also learn how to edit a report:

Data for students

The storage place accessible by the students is R:\Modules\SI\2131_ELE\ELN.

The most important subfolders are :

  • Documentation : information in French
  • Dokumentation : information in German
  • Labs/ELN_labs : lab schematic and simulation file set

The documentation delivered to the students in French and in German.

The labs sequence is :

index short title
1 IND Introduction to the tools
2 NUM Binary and arithmetic numbers
3 ADD Binary adder
4 MUL Multiplier
5 ALU Arithmetic and logic unit
7 MIB Microprocessor busses
8 CNT Program counter
9 COM Serial communication link

Information for teachers

The main storage place for teachers for this course is I:\Bachelor\SI\Cours\2131_Ele\ELN. You need to be enrolled in this course to see this folder. It contains principally all the sources of the documentation for this course.

All the source code is hosted on https://repos.hevs.ch/svn/eda/VHDL/labs/, i.e. https://repos.hevs.ch/svn/eda/VHDL/labs/ELN_labs/, https://repos.hevs.ch/svn/eda/VHDL/labs/ELN_cursor, https://repos.hevs.ch/svn/eda/VHDL/labs/ELN_chrono/

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