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CanSat Slave Power Schematic Description
CanSat Slave Power V1.0 CanSat Slave Power v2.0 Schematic PDF LDO 5V -> 3V3:
v2: AP7361-FGE-7

Power inputs

The CanSat system has 3 possible power sources:

  • a micro-USB connector on the power supply board
  • a battery connector on the power supply board
  • a micro-USB connector on the microprocessor board

Only one of these should power the system with 5 V. Jumpers are provided in order to select the actual power source. This 5 V is distributed to all the boards on the top connector disk.


The power board generates 3.3 V from 5 V. The 3.3 V is distributed to all the boards on the bottom connector disk.

Power usage

The 5 V is used by:

  • the power supply board for generating the 3.3 V
  • the sensors board for the Max11300 together with the temperature and pressure sensors

The precision of the 5 V is given by the components' requirements:

  • the DC/DC converter needs 2.9 V ÷ 5.5 V
  • the Max11300 mixed-mode I/O interface needs 4.75 V ÷ 5.25 V
  • the pressure sensor needs 4.75 V ÷ 5.25 V
  • the temperature sensor needs 2.5 V ÷ 5.5 V

The 3.3 V is used by:

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