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The kart's Bluetooth boards hold a SOC which is programmed as an RS232 modem. The also comprise a legacy RS232 port.

Bluetooth board


The long side single 18-pin row connector is used to program the Bluetooth module.

The 10-pin header connector corresponds to the RS232 port. A flat cable can be crimped with a female header in one side and a female RS232 connector on the other.

An unmounted 4-pin single row connector provides a differential stereo audio output.

Connection between FPGA and Bluetooth module

Both components connect via:

  • a serial port link
  • an 8-bit parallel port

The serial port is used for sending the controls and receiving the status information.

The parallel port is driven by the Bluetooth module:

  • Parallel port bit 0 is brought high when the Bluetooth module has successfully achieved a connection, e.g. with a mobile phone.

Additionally, the FPGA:

  • pulses the BT reset_n line at power-up
  • drives the BT VReg_en line high after the reset
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