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(Work environment)
(Work environment)
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we laucnch [ Libero IDE]
we laucnch [ Libero IDE]
directly from [ HDL Designer].
directly from [ HDL Designer].
The setup bases on a set of [[Eln/teacher#Tools_setup|environment variables]].
=== Files ===
=== Files ===

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Libero IDE is used to program the Microchip FPGAs.

Work environment

At HEI, we laucnch Libero IDE directly from HDL Designer. The setup bases on a set of environment variables.


The main design files are located in $PATH/Board/concat:


The Physical Design Constraints .pdc file specifies the I/O locations and electric levels.

Further design files are found in $PATH/Board/Libero:


This second set of files is copied into a temporary directory which will be additionally populated by the numerous design files generated by the deign tool.


Launching the tools is done in two steps.

  • with the top-level block selected, the prepare for synthesis task does the following:
    • the design tool generates a single VHDL file
    • the script replaces all library definitions with the one of work
  • the Libero Project Navigator task does the following:
    • the Update script updates the paths specified in the .prjx file to reflect the project location's.
    • the Libero IDE is launched

Interactive run of the Libero tools

To check the synthesis and downnload results wit a better accuracy, one can start Libero IDE and go through:

  • Synthesize -> open interactively
    • implementation option -> specify clock frequency
    • run
    • view log
  • Compile -> open interactively
    • I/O Attibute Editor
    • Layout
    • Programming File
  • FlashPro -> open interactively
    • verify programmer
    • verify .pdb bitstream file
    • program
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