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(Getting started)
(Getting started)
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* [// Wikimedia's Help]
* [// Wikimedia's Help]
* [// MediaWiki FAQ]
* [// MediaWiki FAQ]
* [[Overview|Renewable Energy Grid Integration at HEI-VS]]
* [[Renewable Energy Grid Integration at HEI-VS|Renewable Energy Grid Integration at HEI-VS]]
* [[Sandbox|Sandbox for test purposes]]
* [[Sandbox|Sandbox for test purposes]]

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Welcome to the Wiki of the Project Optigrid


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This is the knowledge database of the project Optigrid.

Find more information about our technical and educational program in the UIT Wiki or FSI Wiki.

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Getting started

Use the Navigation to the left to enter the different sections or follow any of the following links:

Simulation Models Database

OptiGrid elements are represented in the figure below.

Optigrid System

Please add one new wikipage per element for which you or your team has simulation experience. At this stage, it does not matter if their are several pages for the same elements.

Please use the following page model.

Don't forget to reference your page from this page.

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