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Welcome to the ARMEBS4 wiki

If you don't know what the ARMEBS4 project is, have a look a the presentation, if you are in a hurry, go to the setup : for windows / for linux & mac.


ARMEBS4 is the name of a small embedded computer board targeted at teaching embedded and real time operating system programming. As it's name suggests, it's the fourth iteration of a successful family of board, this time more focused on a simpler system. In a broader sense, ARMEBS4 is the name of a complete ecosystem, providing a well tested set of hardware and software tools.


We, the ARMEBS4 team, provide a comprehensive solution for

  • Practical work for HEI courses Embedded systems and Real time programming
  • All kind of project featuring a mid-sized micro-controller.
    • Projects based on the ARMEBS4
      • LiveSense : Autonomous cell-based sensing microsystem.
      • Envirobot : A robot for water quality survey.
      • AndroSensor : Sensors for Android devices.

What can be done with the ARMEBS4 ?

The board is powerful enough to run applications with:

  • LCD and touch screen interface
  • Audio filtering
  • MP3 decoding
  • USB master/slave/OTG
  • TCP/IP networking
  • FIXME complete this list

Hardware details

Here is a list of the main ARMEBS4's characteristics

  • CPU ST STM32F417
    • ARM Cortex-M4 with floating point unit, running at 168 MHz
    • USB
    • Ethernet
    • ...
  • Onboard USB debugger
    • Compatible with OpenOCD
  • LCD Display
    • 320x240
    • Touch screen
  • Networking and communication
    • Ethernet
    • CAN
    • RS232
    • USB slave and master

Software details

How it compares to XXX board

FIXME : provide a list of boards (ARMEBS1, ARMEBS3, discovery, g-eval, rapberry, beaglebone, ...) and


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