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Rack Backplanes

There are several versions of the FPGA Rack Backplane. Both are intended for the HES-SO FPGA Rack Board, these feature a 3x32 Pin Backplane Connector in order to interconnect multiple boards together.

There is also a VME IP Core available for easily create a data communication for a number of Rack compatible Boards.

Type Name Image Schematic Description
V1.0 Rack flat Backplane FPGA Rack Backplane Flat V1.0 FPGA Rack Backplane Flat Schematic PDF Flat Backplane for 6 boards. Note that the speed in vastly minimised because of the length of the signals
V1.0 Rack Stack Backplane FPGA Rack Backplane Stack V1.0 FPGA Rack Backplane Stack Schematic PDF Stack Backplane for 4 boards. These boards can even be interconnected for offering more connections

Rack Compatible Boards

Boards in Use

FPGA Rack Backplane Flat Demo FPGA Rack Backplane Stack Demo USLO PP-Backplane with daughtercards

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