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Rack Backplanes

There are several versions of the FPGA Rack Backplane. Both are intended for the HES-SO FPGA Rack Board, these feature a 3x32 Pin Backplane Connector in order to interconnect multiple boards together.

There is also a VME IP Core available for easily create a data communication for a number of Rack compatible Boards.

Type Name Image Schematic Description
V1.0 Rack Stack Backplane FPGA Rack Backplane Stack V1.0 FPGA Rack Backplane Stack Schematic PDF Stack Backplane for 4 boards. These boards can even be chained for offering more connections
V1.0 Rack flat Backplane FPGA Rack Backplane Flat V1.0 FPGA Rack Backplane Flat Schematic PDF Flat Backplane for 6 boards. Note that the speed in vastly minimised because of the length of the signals

Rack Compatible Boards

Boards in Use

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