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The source files for all scripts described hereafter can be obtained from

HEI EDA Launch Script (HELS)

This script sets up the environment and launches HDL-Designer. Following steps are executed in the given order.

Get parameters
Parameters like the name of the design or the location of the HDL-Designer project can be passed to the script.
By default, the name of the design is equal to the name of the script and the parent directory of the script is the project directory.
Prepare scratch directory
A scratch directory is set up at C:\temp\eda\<username>\<designname>
This folder will later contain generated files like the compiled VHDL files for simulation
Define environment variables
Set HDL-Designer parameters controlled by environment variables including the license server address.
Try to find the installation path of different tools and define subfolders
Files to scratch
Copy necessary files to the scratch directory
Delete intermediate files
Remove automatically generated files from the last run
Start HDL-Designer and wait until it closes
Files from scratch
Copy necessary files back from the scratch directory to the project
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