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* [[Links]]
* [[Links]]
* [[Articles]]
* [[Articles]]
* [[Sandbox Sandbox for test purposes]]
* [[Sandbox|Sandbox for test purposes]]
== Stay Up-to-date ==
== Stay Up-to-date ==

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Welcome to the HESSO EDA Wiki

This is the knowledge database of the HESSO Digital Hardware Team. It's the place to share experiences, findings, how-to's and everything else about EDA, HDL, FPGAs and related topics.


ModelSim/Questa 10.0e has been released. Interesting new features:

  • The Wave window has been enhanced to allow quick addition of a signal's "contributor" signals. These are the inputs to the process driving the source signal. This feature can be accessed via a new button in the Wave toolbar and/or by using the Add > Contributing Signals menu item. The newly added signals are contained in a group whose name is based off of the source signal's name.
  • The radix command has been enhanced by adding the "-showbase" option. This option causes values that are displayed in various windows to include the width and the base. For example "radix hex -showbase" will display values like this: 8h'5f or 32h'07ef16a3.
  • The icons shown in the Objects window and the Wave window indicate the port direction of the signal.
  • Signal widths are displayed in the Objects and Wave windows as part of the signal name. These feature is controlled via the Objects window menu: Objects->Show Array Size, for the Objects window and in the Wave window preferences dialog box for the Wave window. This option is off by default, but once turned on, it will remain sticky until explicitly turned off again.


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