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== Informations ==
== Informations ==
* [[Media:Introduction_paper.pdf|Introduction]]
* [[Media:Intro.pdf|Introduction]]
* [[Media:INFORMATION_guide.pdf|Information guide]]
* [[Media:Inf.pdf|Information guide]]
* [[Media:Accomodation_guide.pdf|Accomodation guide]]
* [[Media:Acc.pdf|Accomodation guide]]
* [[Media:Conference_location.pdf|Conference Location]]
* [[Media:Conf.pdf|Conference Location]]
== Participation Cost ==
== Participation Cost ==

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Welcome to Seismology@School Teachers Workshop

Hes-so Valais-Wallis, Aula François- Xavier Bagnoud / Sion, 20-24 October 2014

The workshop program can be downloaded here

Organizing Institute: SED- ETH Zürich and Hes-so Valais
Chaired by: Anne Sauron

Scientific Committee: Anne Sauron, Paul Denton, Stefano Solarino, Françoise Courboulex, Jean-Luc Berenguer, Aldo Zollo

The workshop will run over five days in Hes-so Sion, Switzerland and will include lectures, practical sessions and field visits.


Participation Cost

No registration fee
No pre-registration fee


At the moment, due to the current debate between EU and Switzerland, the national ERASMUS+ agencies may not award grants for activities in Switzerland. We are investigating alternatives to provide support, so if you wish to seek support please still fill out the ERASMUS+ grant applications and send us a copy of the application. New information will be posted here as soon as it becomes available.

Please also provide your School name and address so that I can send you an invitation letter for the workshop (see Contacts how to reach me).

How To Apply

You cannot apply anymore, the application deadline has passed.


Please contact: Anne Sauron
Tel: +41 (0)7 89 13 15 76

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