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Welcome to Seismology@School Teachers Workshop

Hes-so Valais-Wallis, Aula François- Xavier Bagnoud / Sion, 20-24 October 2014

The Preliminary workshop program can be downloaded here

Organizing Institute: SED- ETH Zürich and Hes-so Valais
Chaired by: Anne Sauron

Scientific Committee: Anne Sauron, Paul Denton, Stefano Solarino, Françoise Courboulex, Jean-Luc Berenguer, Aldo Zollo

The workshop will run over five days in Hes-so Sion, Switzerland and will include lectures, practical sessions and field visits.


Participation Cost

No registration fee
No pre-registration fee


So please make an application even if the deadline is not close. We need to have your registration to obtain money!!! For that give me name and school address, I need to address you a invitation workshop letter.

The funding in the Erasmus+ / Comenius-follow up situation is as follows:

  1. Confirmation that Switzerland is planning to use Swiss national instruments to replace the now obsoloete EU funding, including the sponsoring of incoming participants (as for our workshop)
  2. Due to the size of our workshop (expected 30+ applications for support), the Swiss office cannot (does not want to) receive and manage all those applications directly, but rather wants to use the established national agencies as follows:
    1. applicants send the usual application to their national agency for Erasmus+ (even now after the deadline)
    2. that office evaluates them as per their usual rules, and awards support (or not)
    3. the national offices send a bill for the support awarded & paid out (plus their services) to the Swiss office for reimbursement
  3. in order to establish this procedure, Switzerland will have to conclude agreements with these national agencies (or - preferred - if possible Switzerland would only want to conclude one agreement with the Erasmus+ head office @EU). This is currently in the early stages of preparation, and should at least take another 1-2 months (according to them)

How To Apply

To apply for a place in the training course, please fill in the Registration Form - then a formal Invitation letter will be sent by the organizing committee. The participation will be guaranteed only after the payment will be made


Please contact: Anne Sauron
Tel: +41 (0)7 89 13 15 76

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