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CHESS mission

The CHESS mission wants to fly 2 Cubesats with primary mission to measure the earth’s atmosphere with the help of a mass spectrometer.

On-Board Computer (OBC)

The On-Board Computer (OBC) transfers information between the subsystems, mainly from the radio to mission payload and back.

In the CHESS mission, it communicates:

  • with the EPS through OBC/CAN
  • with the ADCS through a serial link
  • with the radios through a SPI link
  • with the mass spectrometer through a SPI link
  • with the GPS board through a SPI link

The data processing is distributed between a microprocessor and a FPGA logic. Additionally, a OBC/PIC PIC microcontroller bridges the FPGA to the OBC/CAN bus.

Attitude Determination and Control System (ADCS)

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