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Type CanSat Slave XBee Schematic UCF Description
V1.0 200px|CanSat Slave XBee V1.0 CanSat Slave XBee v1.0 Schematic PDF CanSat Slave XBee v1.0 UCF Files

The CanSat RF communication is done with the help of an XBee module.

The connection to the module is done through following pins:

XBee I/O connections
name pin dir description
data_in b2 in serial link RxD
data_out b4 out serial link TxD
reset b6 in reset
sleep_rq b8 in sleep control
RSSI_PWM t1 out radio signal strength indication
associate t3 out association indication
dio t5 inout digital I/O
sleep t7 out sleep indicator
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