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manufacturer board apu1d4 schematics user manual

Ubuntu 14.04.01 Server setup

Required hardware :

  • 1x apu1d
  • 1x Host machine with Linux, windows or OSX
    • 1x USB to RS232 adapter if the host machine has none
  • 1x Serial port cable (female-female null modem)
  • 1x USB Stick (fat32 file system, minimum 27 MBytes)

USB Stick setup

  • Install unetbootin (sudo apt-get install unetbootin or for windows/mac)
  • Plug the USB Stick
  • Run unetbootin
    • Select [x] Distribution
    • Ubuntu
    • 14.04_NetInstall_x64
    • Choose the destination (the USB Stick)
    • OK
    • EXIT
  • Edit the USBSTICK:/syslinux.cfg file like this:
serial 0 115200 0x303
default unetbootindefault
prompt 0
menu title UNetbootin
timeout 1
label unetbootindefault
menu label Default
kernel /ubnkern
append initrd=/ubninit console=ttyS0,115200n8

Install on the APU board

  • Connect the board (DO not connect the power)
    • Network cable on the port near USB
    • USB stick in the lower USB port
    • Null modem cable to the computer
  • Open your favorite serial port terminal emulator
    • Choose the right COM port
    • 115200 bauds
    • 8 data bits
    • 1 stop bit
    • no parity
    • no handshake
  • Apply power to the board
    • press F12 in your terminal emulator, this will show the boot menu
  • Choose "Payload/Setup"
    • Configure your board for booting on the internal hard drive first
    • Disable IPXE
    • Save
  • Re-press F12
  • Choose the USB Stick
  • Follow the steps
    • When the installer ask for setting up the grub bootloader on the first hard drive say NO, then select /dev/sdc
  • See tips for the rest of the setup.

Using the i2c from Linux

  • sudo apt-get install i2c-tools lm-sensors
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