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This boards allows to Debug easily the VME bus. All signals can be connected directly with the Agilent E5385A Probe to the Agilent 16803A Logic Analyzer

Agilent E5385A Probe Agilent 16803A.jpg

With the help of 2 Agilent Probes almost all (4x16=64Pins) necessary signal can be connected the the Analyzer.

Type Debug Board Schematic Description
V1.0 FPGA Rack Debug Board V1.0 FPGA Rack Debug v1.0 Schematic PDF Debug Board. Note that the connector is mounted in reverse because of PCAD Library problems

The complete VME bus configuration is already stored within the Agilent 16803A Logic Analyzer. In order to use it connect the Agilent E5385A Probes as shown below and load the following configuration: C:\Documents and Settings\analyser\My Documents\Agilent Tehcnologies\Logic Analyzer\Config Files\BasMI_HVME.ala

FPGA Rack Debug Board ConnectedV1.0

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