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Inverter board

The board was designed for the ETE ELN-inverter lab.

It receives 4 PWM signals to drive an H-Bridge. The bridge is followed by an LC-lowpass and a transformer.

A sigma-delta ADC reads the LC filter output and enables to adjust the output voltage.

Version Photo Schematics Stock
V1.0 HEB-Synchro HEB-inverter Schematic PDF 16fully mounted

Dead time

The dead time estimation for the H-Brige has been setimated by augmenting it an monitoring the power consumption of the system. The daead time was given by a counter clocked at 66 MHZ, but with a different number of bits for each measure.

bit nb dead time current [mA]
3 xxx 860
4 xxx 170
5 xxx 70
5 xxx 70
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