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* Ask the [[Help:Guidelines#Maintainer|Maintainer]] for permission</td>
* Ask the [[Help:Guidelines#Maintainer|Maintainer]] for permission</td>
<h1>Bugs on transfer</h1>
''OS : Windows 7''
''Arduino IDE version : 1.5.3''
''Target version :''
<p>When programming the target, it can happen many errors without apparent reason :</p>
<h4>[...] Retry 0: Got TIMEOUT </h4>
<h4>[...] permission denied </h4>
<h4>/dev/ttySxx: No such file or directory </h4>
<p>The port is dead for this session : use an another COM port on computer or reboot Windows.</p>
<h4>Unrecognized device (on "Devices and Printer")</h4>
<p>Remove the USB cable from the board and reboot it by removing the power supply. Verify that After a long time, the normally </p>

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