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The HEI owns 2 laser cutting machines:

  • a 40 W xxx in AE07
  • a xx W xxx in Cxxx

The machines are seen as printers. The xxx printer driver allows to transfer the drawings to the laser cutter. The printer driver recognizes xxx specific colors which are translated into laser power and speed values.

Preparing for print

From Inkscape

  • Make sure to have everything drawn to the base colors known by the printer.
  • Set-up the page size to match the pint bed's.
  • Transform all the lines foreseen for cutting to a width smaller than 0.01 mm.
  • Save the drawing as a PDF and open it with a PDF viewer.


  • power-on the laser cutter
  • in AE07 (only ?) power-on the ventilation system (switch on the table's leg)
  • print the file, verify the printer settings
  • the laser should show it has received the file
  • press the green button to start
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