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All information on this page are tested for a (K)Ubuntu 10.04 (and newer) amd64 Linux. The console commands are intended for a bash console running on (K)Ubuntu, perhaps they need to be adapted to your system.

The <version> placeholder can be replaced by the desired version of Modelsim and/or Questa

e.g. <version> = 6_6

In case of questions: {{{}}} or {{{}}}

Prepare installation

Be sure you've done the previous step

* [wiki:Linux_prepare Prepare installation]

Download Modelsim

In order to install Modelsim and/or Questa the following files need to be downloaded from the Mentor Supportnet or t:\Applications\Soft_SYND-ETE\.

* install.linux
* modelsim-base.mis | questasim-base.mis
* modelsim-docs.mis | questasim-docs.mis
* modelsim-linux_<version>.mis | questasim-linux_<version>.mis

Set executable rights

{{{ chmod +x install.linux }}}

Execute installer

{{{ sudo ./install.linux }}}

Follow Instructions

If possible install at location {{{/opt/modelsim_<version>}}} | {{{/opt/questasim_<version>}}}

Add PATH environment var

The export commands needed to be written into the {{{/etc/profile}}} file in order to survive a reboot {{{ export PATH=$PATH:/opt/modelsim_<version>/modeltech/bin }}} {{{ export PATH=$PATH:/opt/questasim_<version>/questasim/bin }}}

Execute Modelsim / Questa

{{{ vsim }}}

Next Steps

* [wiki:Linux_hds Set up HDL Designer]
* [wiki:Linux_xilinx Set up Xilinx Design Suite]
* [wiki:Linux_eclipse Set up Eclipse IDE]


* Mentor Modelsim information
* Mentor QuestaSim information
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