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NEBIS allow a search of standards cataloged at the library.


To achieve this, open a browser and got to NEBIS.

Click on Search the Catalogue

In the page go to Search the Catalogue

Type the standard and select the libray

Type the standard you are looking for in the Books, Journals, Images... field (e.g. IEC 61000-4-7). Apply filter to HES-SO VS, Haute Ecole d'Ingénierie de Sion, to restrict search in the local library.

NEBIS Search.png

Become the search result

You become the search result, probably indicating multiple versions of document

NEBIS Search Result.png

Select the version you want to display

Principally the multiple version are the same, only the support differ:

NEBIS Search List Of Versions.png

How to view the Details to check different parts available

Click on Register Details to display information about the standard.

NEBIS See Details.png

See detailed view

Only one part is displayed, not necessary the searched part (e.g. part 7 is searched, but part 4 of Serie IEC 61000-4 is detailled). But others parts are listed in description too, with Edition identification.

NEBIS Detailed View.png

See Location & Request view

A click on "Location & Request" list all parts (with their cote for the printed version).

NEBIS Locations and Request View.png

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