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The power supply board provides 3.3 V to all FPGA boards. It also provides a 5 V supply for the electronics of the DC motor controller and the sensor I/O boards.

The battery voltage is forwarded to both motor controller boards.

power supply board

An ADC also allows to measure the battery voltage.

Power supply

The power supply comes from two 6 V battery packs. The CHG connector connects to the extremities of the batteries in series. It is used for recharging the batteries and can also be used for powering the kart in the lab development phase with 12 V / 2 A.

The 3.3 V and the 5 V supplies are transmitted to the FPGA boards via the I2C daisy-chain connectors. The 3.3 V powers the FPGAs and most of the other boards' logic. The 5 V is used on the I/O board for some of the sensors and on the DC motor control logic to drive the power transistors.

This 12 V supply is brought to the motor controller boards via two specific 2-pole connectors.

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