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This high quality analog muxing/demuxing general purpose board was created for demanding measurement applications.

8CH 4IO HF Analog Mux Board


CH1IO1 0..200MHz plot
CH1IO1 0..8GHz plot
Relays datasheet excerpt
  • 256x100mm 8 layers PCB
  • 8 <-> 1 channels
  • 4 I/O per channels (ground commuted with the signal, so no common ground)
  • Bandwidth : 0...200MHz (best use : 0...10MHz, see plot below)
  • SMA or SMB connectors
  • Signal relay based solution
  • Balanced tree routage (same trace distance for any commuted channel)
  • 50Ohms impedance controlled shielded coaxial traces
  • 1x LED per channel (light when selected) + 1x power LED.
  • 1x 2mm-pitched 2x6 connector.

Power supply / driving considerations

This board doesn't have any driving circuit on it.

Driving solutions

Actually, there is 3 ways to drive the board :

  • A basic FPGA board, MFSRELAYCTRL, for HVME16 or any other control buses.
  • It can be driven with a NI USB box through a driver board too.
  • Finally, active channel can be manually switched via a basic switches box.
Control board : MFSRELAYCTRL
Control board for use with NI boxes
Control box - switches only ;-)


The following signals/powers can be found on the connector :


RELAYDRV0..2 must be grounded for high logic, Hi-Z or Vin for low logic. Be warned: when grounded, the whole active concerned relays coil current flow through these pins.

Vin must be in accordance with the nominal voltage of the soldered relay (typically +5.0V).

Current consumption @ +5.0V

Needed current for coil driving (28 signal relays in balanced tree typology)

  • CH1 @ ~4mA
  • CH2 @ ~360mA
  • CH3 @ ~200mA
  • CH4 @ ~520mA
  • CH5 @ ~120mA
  • CH6 @ ~440mA
  • CH7 @ ~280mA
  • CH8 @ ~600mA

Changelog / Known issues

  • None.

Contacts / Collaborators

This board was initially targeted for Joseph Moerschell's projects (MFS, gal's and mlo's master thesis). Other recent use: IGORV.

Project manager :

Design/Schematics :

PCB routing :

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