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This Wiki is a subset of the R programming language and environment for statistical computing and graphics.

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It has its source in the R interest group, which was established in October 2015 at the University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland Valais Wallis in Sion. The interest of the group lies in the communication of R related problems and solutions in chosen topics. Hence it is not the target to conclude another summary, user guide or manual, but rather to have a progressing documentation of tricks, hints and solution methods including the entire application scope of R. Given that this documentation originates from the R interest group communication, it should mirror the solutions of the most frequently appearing issues and obstacles during R usage.

For the basic understanding of the R language several useful links are provided.

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Congratulations to our member Martijn Weterings for receiving the GNT Young Scientist Award


R still on the rise

Continuing last years trend, R gained a place in the IEEE Spectrums 2016 Top Programming Languages Ranking.
This follows a general trend of languages related to big-data becoming increasingly important.



Here you find minutes of the held Meetings and related documents.

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