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Martijn Weterings

I work in the food technology pilot hall of Batiment F. My current topic is the study or aroma release and it's relation with mass transport. I am using R now for all kinds data analysis and preparing plots for latex. An interessting point between R and my current work is that aroma research generates more data than you would think (there are 1000s of aroma's). Currently I am using lot's of csv files to store and manage a database. If anyone has a nice solution I am very happy to hear about it. In the past I was a student of food technology and astronomy where I used R in calculations and also, just for fun.

My R interrests are mostly in the algebra and mathematical, matlab alternative, realm: computational mathematics, linear and non-linear modelling, factor analysis, exploratory data analysis. My favorite plotting library is ggplot and a layer of my own written around it. I am a fan of the S4 classes approach, although I am still a rookie in this field so maybe I don't know better.

I'd love to hear if any of the people from systems industriel know a way to read LabView tdm and tdx files with R-code or another programm that can be run from within R.

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