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Material to prepare

system for 10 groups

The following table shows the list of material to prepare for the audio amp lab.

-> add material for testing: FPGA => EMVs/AudioAmp/improvements

Lab equipment

Object nb lab UIT UPC
power supply 12 V 8 x
function generator 8 x
multimeter 8 x
oscilloscope 8 x
current probe 8 x
differential voltage probe 8 x


Object nb lab UIT UPC
banana cables x
banana cable clamps 32 x
banana-cylindric power cable 16 x
coax. BNC cables 16 x x
BNC T-shape adapter 16 x
BNC-Chinch adapter 16 x
stereo Chinch-Jack cable 8 x
stereo Jack-Jack cable 8 x

Digital circuits

Object nb lab UIT UPC
FPGA-EBS Board with Mezzanine connectors mounted 8 x
Programmer and Power cable 8 x
HEB Audio ADC-DAC 8 x
HEB Rotary 8 x
Parallel-port 26 pin flat cable 16 x
Audioamp Mezzanine Adapter board with 10 pin flat cable 8 x
HEB Lowpass with cable 8 x

Analog circuits

Object nb lab UIT UPC
Power supply step-up Board 8 x
Audio amplifier Board 8 x
Loudspeaker lowpass filter 8 x
Mono loudspeaker 8 x
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