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This part of the GridLab wiki presents the projects which where realised in respectively around the GridLab.

Research and Development

This table shows the projects whithin or around the GridLab in a chronological order.

Name Execution Used Part Summary Contributors
I2G Inverter Integration to Grid 2012-2013 District Unit This projects treats the current issue with the integration of a rising number of injection inverters in the low voltage grid. Roggo Dominique, Biner Hans-Peter, Rieder Medard, Morand Gilbert-André, Pavanello Davide, Moix Pierre-Olivier, Germanier Alain, Sterren Thomas, Furrer Dominic
DG2 Automation 2012-2013 District Unit IEC 61850 based Automation for DG2 (Distribution Grids with Dispersed Generation). Gabioud Dominique, Roggo Dominique, Pavanello Davide, Sterren Thomas, Clausen Michael, Furrer Dominic
VEiN 2014 none This projects investigates the real influence of decentral energy injection in a grid. Roggo Dominique, Moix Pierre-Olivier, Barras Line, Furrer Dominic
PENELER 2014 none ... Roggo Dominique, Evequoz Blaise, Rieder Medard, Clausen Michael
Autoconsommation 2014 Diverse This project treats some self-consumption aspect. Moix Pierre-Olivier, Ellert Christophe

Bachelor Thesis

This table shows the bachelor thesis within the GridLab in a chronological order.

Name Type Execution Used Parts Summary Contributors
Etude de réseau... 2013 Morand Gilbert-André, Öztürk Muhammed
Simulateur d'éolienne V1 2013 Roggo Dominique, Gabathuler Shadya
Simulateur d'éolienne V2 2014 Morand Gilbert-André, Lagger Zachary
PAATB 2014 Pavanello Davide, Gabioud Dominique, Ritler Thomas

Only the people from the staff of the HES-SO in Sion are listed under contributors.

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