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The Low Voltage GridLab is the part of the GridLab which works on the low voltage grid of 400V. The installations are at a scale of 1:1, which means real producers and consumers are recreated at their actual scale.

The main purpose of the Low Voltage GridLab is to provide an infrastructure to perform full scale simulations and tests in the low voltage grid. This infrastructure is primarily used for the practical classes of the degree programs Systems Engineering and Energy and Environmental Engineering. Furthermore the infrastructure will provide a versatile tool for research and development and educational projects of the whole School of Engineering. The use of the Low Voltage GridLab by external companies as a test environment is envisaged too.

The Low Voltage GridLab

As the following images show, the Low Voltage GridLab is still under construction.

The Low Voltage GridLab under construction The Low Voltage GridLab under construction


This part of the GridLab wiki contains information about the following major parts of the the Low Voltage GridLab.


The following list shows projects that where executed with the Low Voltage GridLab infrastructure.



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