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The EtherCAT Piggyback controller board FB1130 combines a Xilinx FPGA, two EtherCAT ports and a PDI-Connector on a printed circuit board. Target applications for this Piggyback controller board are IP Core based EtherCAT devices with non standard process data interfaces (PDI). The board can as well be used for EtherCAT evaluation purposes as assembled in into customer end products.

HESSO Made also an Motherboard for it in order to have more common connectivity and can be more widely used.

Beckhoff FB1130 with Motherboard

Beckhoff FB1130 Piggyback

Type Beckhoff FB1130 Datasheet UCF Description
V1.5 Beckhoff Piggyback FB1130 Beckhoff FB1130 Schematic PDF Reference Design UCF EtherCAT Piggyback Controller Board

More information about this board can be found here:


  • Xilinx Spartan3e XCS1200E
  • 2 Ethernet Port including magnets and physicals
  • 1 FPGA configuration Flash STMicroelectronics M25940
  • 1 EtherCAT Configuration Flash STMicroelectronics 24C16WP
  • 1 PDI Connector
  • 25MHz Oscillator

HES-SO FB1130 Motherboard

Type Beckhoff FB1130 Motherboard Schematic Description
V1.5 Beckhoff FB1130 Motherboard HES-SO Motherboard for FB1130 Schematic PDF Motherboard extentions for Beckhoff FB1130


  • 2 Buttons
  • 2 Leds
  • 2 25Pin HESSO Parallelport connection (compatible with FPGA-EBS, ARM-EBS)
  • 2 50Pin HESSO Mezzanine connection (compatible with FPGA-EBS, FPGA-Rack, ARM-EBS)
  • 66MHz Oscillator
  • Power Supply through connector or Mezzanine
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