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The main purpose behind this board is to have a FPGA development board specialized in data acquisition and processing, like the FPGA Rack AD/DA V1 and the HES-SO FPGA Rack Hi-Speed AD/DA (HiSADDA) but for low power application and with a small size.

Type MiniBioDet Documentation Description
V1.0 MiniBioDet layout.png MiniBioDet pcb monted.jpg
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MiniBioDet mother board

The MiniBioDet is composed of two board : the mother-board and a mezzanine. the mezzanine contains the analog front-end as well as the application specific connectors.

Fully assembled MiniBioDet V1.00

Core features

  • Acquisition
    • 2x A/D 16bits 20/40/65/80 MSPS (Analog Devices AD9266)
    • 1x D/A 14bits 175 MSPS (Analog Devices AD9707)
  • FPGA
    • 1x IGLOO2 FPGA (Microsemi M2GL050)
      • low power
      • 56'340 LUTs
      • 72 DSP (18x18)
      • 6 PLLs/CCCs
      • 1826 Kbites RAM
    • 1x Low jitter Clock distributor
    • 1x SSRAM 36Mbit (Cypress CY7C1460AV25-167AXC)
    • 4x user LEDs
  • Interface
    • 1x Bluetooth LE uC Soc (Nordic NRF51822)
    • 1x FTDI (ft230xs)
    • 1x micro SDCard
    • 1x FLASH SPI 512 Mbit (Spansion S25FL512S)
    • 2x user LEDs
    • 4x user Push-buttons
  • Power
    • 1x LiPo battery charge manager with power-path
    • 4x DC/DC power suply
    • 2x LDO power suply
    • 3x battery status LEDs
  • Connectors
    • 1x micro USB ( for power and serial port)
    • 1x micro SDCard socket
    • 2x MMCX for differential external Clock Input
    • 1x MMCX for FPGA acquisition synchronization
    • 1x battery LiPo connector
    • 1x JTAG for the NRF51 SoC
    • 1x JTAG for the IGLOO FPGA
    • 1x mezzanine connector

Power supply considerations

This board is powered through the USB 5V or with a 3.7V LiPo battery. When a USB port is connected, the battery management circuit directly supplies the card and start charging the battery. The charge status is indicated with three LEDs.

LED name LED color Description
low batt red battery level is low
done green battery charging is done
power blue USB power is present

Bloc diagram

MiniBioDet bloc.png

Known issues

  • tracks of the antenna too thin.
  • 5V on the NRF through the battery charger led. => not possible to read the charger status.
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