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Two-Channel DAC board

The board bases on 2 AD5543 16-bit DACs. The DACs have a serial input (CS, CLK, SDI) and can be operated up to 3 MHz sampling rate with 0.5 µs settling time.

Version Photo Schematics Description
V1.0 HEB DAC HEB DAC Schematic PDF 2-Channel DAC parallelport board

The DACs have a current output and a first op-amp converts the currents to voltages. A second op-amp allows to set an offset and a gain with the help of resistors placed in through-hole pins.

The DACs are supplied with +5 V. The op-amps are supplied with ±12 V. These power supplies are generated from the parallel port connector's 3.3 V.


Connect the board to the top connector of an FPGA development board. Connect a 4-pieces rotary switch board to the lower connector of the FPGA board. Download the sinewave design.

  • Check the power supplies: +12 V, -12 V, +5 V.
  • Check the reference voltage: 10 V on pin 6 of the large chip in the middle of the 2 DAC rails.
  • Check the digital serial signals on the FPGA board connector (pins TBD).
  • Check the raw DAC voltage on the left side of each leftmost resistor.
  • Check the voltage outputs of the board.

Test of the PP HEB DAC Board

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