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The PyCharm IDE provides an exhaustive development interface.


Atom is an open source text editor whose functions can be extended with packages to provide a Python IDE.


As a simple alternative, IPython provides a web-based GUI and Mathematica-like notebooks. Spyder also contains a IPython console.


The Scientific PYthon Development EnviRonment (Spyder) IDE provides a complete MATLAB/Octave-like development interface. This means you get an editor, a console, online help, variable explorer, debugger with breakpoints and much more.


Mac OS

Download Spyder. Copy the application to the Applications folder.


Installation can be done on a package basis, with pip. An alternative would be easy_install.

Install the IDE:

sudo apt-get install spyder

This also installs numPy, sciPy and matplotlib.


We recommend to use the free and open-source WinPython Python distribution. It is portable in the sense, that it will not write anything to the Windows registry and everything is stored in the installation folder. This means that you can copy or move the installation folder anytime to any location (local, network or removable drive) with most of the application settings. You are even able to have multiple Python distributions installed on one machine (see also Roadmap).

There are 32-bit or 64-bit installers (depending on your operating system) for

We do NOT recommend to install it to C:\Program Files or any similar folder, as you need administrator privileges to execute it there.

To install additional packages or upgrade existing ones, use the WinPython Control Panel.

Spyder is already provided with WinPython.

Verifiy correct installation

Launch Spyder, and in the console type:

t = linspace(0, 10, 100);
plot(t, sin(t));

A plot of a sinus wave should appear.


For our scientific purposes we use following modules regularly:

PyLab is an effort to consolidate following libraries together with IPython into a compelling environment for numerical computation:

  • NumPy for arrays, linear algebra, ...
  • SciPy depends on NumPy, used to manipulate numbers, for signal processing, ...
  • matplotlib for 2D plots

Symbolic mathematics can be done with:


pip is a tool for installing and managing Python packages.

pip Documentation


Numerical Python

NumPy Reference Documentation

Install with:

apt install python-numpy


Scientific Library for Python

SciPy Reference Documentation

Update by downloading the latest version.


matplotlib python 2D plotting library

Check out the Usage FAQ: Coding Styles for a short introduction to plotting with matplotlib.For full documentation go to the API documentation.

Update by downloading the latest version.

Note 1: As matplotlib depends on NumPy, update NumPy before matplotlib!


Symbolic Mathematics with Python

Try out SymPy Live directly in your browser to get a feeling of it or read through the documentation.


Pillow - The friendly PIL fork PIL is the Python Imaging Library.

Check the Simple Installation


pandas with easy-to-use data structures and data analysis tools.


Cocotb manual.

To run it without modelsim optimising the design :

make GUI=1 VCOM_ARGS=+acc
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