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This board will be the master board on the CanSat system.

Type CanSat Master FPGA Schematic UCF Description
V1.0 CanSat Master FPGA V1.0 CanSat Master FPGA Schematic PDF CanSat Master FPGA UCF Files Spartan 6 XC6SLX9 and 8Mb M25P80 SPI PROM


The design contains a soft-core processor controlling the different slaves of the CanSat via peripheral devices attached to it by an AHB-lite bus system.


The FPGA board hosts a 106.25 MHz oscillator and a button which can be used as a reset signal.

Signal FPGA pin FPGA dir
clock 16 in
reset_n 2 in

The FPGA board connectors consist of 4 dual Pmods, each having 12 pins. The Pmods are connected to the slave boards via the bottom and the top ring.

board connector Signal Pmod pin FPGA pin FPGA dir
slave A:
bottom RxD J1.2 126 out
TxD J1.4 123 in
reset_n J1.6 119 out
sleep request J1.8 117 out
top RSSI PWM J3.1 134 in
associate J3.3 138 in
DIO J3.5 140 inout
sleep_n J3.7 142 in
slave B:
bottom CS_n J2.2 15 out
MOSI J2.4 12 out
MISO J2.6 9 in
SClk J2.8 6 out
top int_n J4.1 24 in
n.c. J4.3 27
n.c. J4.5 32
cnvt_n J4.7 35 out
slave C:
bottom TxD J1.1 127 in
RxD J1.3 124 out
LED 0 J1.5 121 out
LED 1 J1.7 118 out
top switch 4 J3.2 133 in
switch 3 J3.4 137 in
switch 2 J3.6 139 in
switch 1 J3.8 141 in
slave D:
Computer On Module
bottom RxD1 J2.1 14 out
TxD1 J2.3 11 in
RESET_n J2.5 8 out
SPI CS1 J2.7 5 in
top SPI MISO J4.2 23 out
SPI MOSI J4.4 26 in
SPI CS0 J4.6 30 in
SPI CLK J4.8 33 un

Configuration Flash

The FPGA has an attached M25P80 SPI flash of 8 Mb.

FPGA comparisons

The choice of the FPGA was based on a comparison of synthesis results of a simple AHB-Lite system.

Manufacturer Device Estimated Frequency LUTs / CoreCells Memory
[MHz]  % Needed Available
Xilinx XC6SLX9 75.3 807 13 4 32
Microsemi AGL60 16.4 56896 3704 2 4
Microsemi AGL250

As it is visible in the table above, the smaller Microsemi Igloo devices are too small. Bigger Microsemi Igloo devices however are not easily available and also quite expensive (>80$). On the other hand the Xilinx Spartan 6 FPGAs are quite spacious, immediately available and have a reasonable price (<20$). Furthermore we already use them successfully on our FPGArack board.


Device DigiKey Part No Description Quantity
XC6SLX9-2TQG144C 122-1745-ND FPGA Xilinx Spartan 6 144TQF 1
SC189CSKTRT SC189CSKCT-ND DC-DC 3.3->1.2 1
10072354-G01-10ULF 609-2961-ND FPGA programmer connector 1
CB3LV-3I-106M2500 CTX718LVCT-ND Oscillator 106.25MHz 1
CB2518T1R0M 587-2184-1-ND INDUCTOR POWER 1.0uH 1007 1
M25P80-VMN6TP M25P80-VMW6TGCT-ND SPI Flash 1
BLM18PG121SN1D 490-1037-1-ND Ferrite Chip 120 Ohm 1
CC0805MKX5R5BB226 311-1464-1-ND CAP CER 22uF 6.3V 20% X5R 0805 1
GRM21BR60J106ME19L CAP CER 10uF 6.3V 20% X5R 0805 1
08056D475KAT2A 478-1416-1-ND CAP 4.7uF 10% X5R 0805 14
C1608X5R1A474K080AA 445-1320-1-ND CAP 470nF 10% X5R 0603 10
Resistance 0603 10k 2
Button 2
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