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This page presents and describes the ABB ACS800-11 to explain the basic functionality of the drive and its purpose within the GridLab.


The ABB ACS800-11 is a four-quadrant wall mountable drive for controlling AC motors. The main circuit consists of two IGBT converters, a line-side converter and a motor-side converter, integrated into the same frame. In the spectrum of the GridLab the drive is not used as motor drive but as bidirectional AC-AC converter. This gives the possibility to simulate producers and loads between two grids up to the nominal power of the drive.

Functional principle

The following figure shows the principle of the drive.

ABB ACS800-11


Line-side converter: A converter that is connected to the supply network and is capable of transferring energy from the network to the DC link or from the DC link to the network.
Motor-side converter: A converter that is connected to the motor and controls the motor operation.
Four-quadrant operation: Operation of a machine as a motor or generator in quadrants I, II, III and IV as shown below. In quadrants I and III, the machine operates as a motor, whereas in quadrants II and IV as a generator (regenerative braking).

Operating principle

The line-side and motor-side converters consist of six insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBT) with free wheeling diodes. The converters have their own control programs. The parameters of both programs can be viewed and changed using one control panel.

The IGBT supply module rectifies three phase AC current to direct current for the intermediate DC link of the drive. The intermediate DC link is further supplying the motor-side converter that runs the motor. The line filter suppresses the AC voltage and current harmonics. The IGBT supply module is a four-quadrant switching-mode converter, i.e. the power flow through the converter is reversible. By default, the converter controls the DC link voltage to the peak value of the line-to-line voltage. The DC voltage reference can be set also higher by a parameter. Two line currents and the DC link voltage are measured and used for the control.



Because of the four quadrant operation principle the ACS800 may be used as a fully capable AC-AC converter. However a LCL-filter, a du/dt-filter and a separating transformer have to be added.


Trough the added NETA-01 ethernet adapter module the whole drive may be controlled. This module gives access to all user parameters and provides therefore all needs for a control over distance.


With the aid from two engineers from ABB Finland the configuration and firmware of the supply modules where adapted to gain access to some very important parameters for the drives usage within the GridLab. So the normally not available parameter to set the active power of the drive is now accessible. Furthermore the firmware of the motor side was replaced with the one from the IGBT supply module and adapted.



ABB ACS800-11-016-3+E202+R707

  • ACS800-11 is the basic device
  • 016-3 describes the details of the model
  • E202 descirbes the added filter configuration of the drive
  • R707 corresponds to the french language package


Parameter Value
Three-phase supply voltage 400V
Nominal power 15kW
Nominal current 34A

To see all ratings of this model consult the ACS800-11 ratings from the IGBT supply control manual.


Because the ACS800-11 drive is used in the GridLab and the control system of the GridLab is LabVIEW an LabVIEW instrument driver was created for the ACS800-11 drive.


All needed manuals may be found under I:\Admin\SI-ET\Institut\Infrastructure\Labos\CR01\datasheet-materiel\ABB Drives. The key manuals to consult are the following.
ACS800 Hardware Manual - ACS800-11 Drives (5.5 to 110kw): Contains information about the hardware of the drives.
ACS800 Firmware Manual - IGBT Supply Control Program 7.x: Contains a lot to know about the firmware of the drives.
ABB Drives Application Guide - Adaptive Program: Contains information about the adaptive programming feature of the drives.
ABB Drives User's Manual - Ethernet Adapter Module NETA-01: All needed information about the NETA-01 communication module.

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