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A series of instrument drivers were developed and implemented to facilitate the usage of the different devices in the GridLab. Those instrument drivers may be found in the SVN repository of the GridLab. Prior to the usage of the different developed tools those instrument drivers have to be installed on the PC and have to be compatible with the used tool.

List of Instrument Drivers

For the following devices exists instrument drivers, which may be found on the GridLab SVN repository.

  • ABB ACS800 over NETA-01
  • Delta Elektronika SM 3300 Series
  • Emerson CT Unidrive SP
  • HES-SO Serial Voltage Controller
  • Siemens Simeas P
  • Studer Innotec Products

Installation and Update


To install the instrument drivers on your machine you have to checkout the corresponding instrument drivers from the SVN repository into your local instrument driver repository.


To ensure that the developed LabVIEW tools and the instrument drivers on your machine are compatible the instrument drivers should be updated. To update those drivers go to your instrument driver directory and execute an SVN update.


SVN repository:

Local instrument drivers default path:

C:\Program Files (x86)\National Instruments\LabVIEW 2013\instr.lib\
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