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How to Install SimplfiIDE

This " How To " expains how to install and update SimplifIDE

Downloading Eclipse

This software is a plugin for eclipse and requires eclipse 3.2 or greater. If you do not have this software or are using an older version you need to download at least eclipse 3.2 from Eclipse Downloads. The other requirement is a java runtime environment of at least 5.0.

Installing and Updating Software

Eclipse contains a web based update site for plugins which is the method used to update this code. It is highly recommended that you update this software often to use the latest features of this project along with getting the latest bug fixes.

  • Open the Installation Dialog Help/Software Updates/Find and Install
Simplifide install 1.png
  • Search for New Features to Install
Simplifide install 2.png
  • Push the New Remote Site Button, and Set the name of the Site to simplified and the address to
Simplifide install 3.png
  • Select SimplifIDE in the check box and follow the remaining dialogs to install
  • Restart the IDE as recommended

Updating Software

To update follow the same instructions as Installation with the exception that your are not required to enter in the update site information again.


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