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How to use SimplifIDE

This " How To " explains how to use SimplifIDE with a defined directory structure

It is recommended to use the same directory structure, but can be adapted if necessary

Directory Structure

An example directory structure can be downloaded in the last section

  • 01_design : Contains the VHDL design files
    • top : Only the toplevel structure (without synchronisation)
    • testbench : All testbench files, can be differentiated in subfolders
    • board : Board level top vhdl file with all synchronisations
  • 02_libaries : External libraries e.g. unisim or simprim of Xilinx
  • 03_script : Compilation and Simulation scripts as well as wave scripts
  • 04_simulation : Simulations data, intermediate simulations files, work lib
  • 05_synthesis : Synthesisprogram project e.g. Simplifiy
  • 06_p&r : Place and Rout programm project e.g. Xilinx ISE
  • 07_doc : Contains the documentation of the Project


In order to only compile the design, complete the How to set up.

  • Run=>Compile

This action will open a vsim.exe inside eclipse and compile all file defined in


In order to simulate the design, complete the How to set up.

  • Run=>Simulate

This action will open a modelsim.exe, compile and load all file and lib's defined in the script, open a Wave window and display all signals defined in the script

Example files

Some example Do scripts can be downloaded. They probably have to be adapted to your needs


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