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This is an Actel SmartFusion Development Kit. It features many interfaces and has an ARM Cortex-M3 Hardcore included, in addition to that it has an ACE (Analogue Computing Engine) in order to perform analog measurements.

Type Actel Smart Fusion Schematic Description
V1.0 Actel Smart Fusion Dev-Kit Actel Smart Fusion Dev-Kit Schematic PDF Development Kit with ARM cortex M3 and Analog components
V1.0 Smart Fusion Mixed Signal Header Converter Smart Fusion Mixed Signal Header Converters Schematic PDF Convertes the Mixed Signal header to more practical and known Connectors. It can be used for the Actel SmartFusion Dev-Kit but also the Actel SmartFusion Eval-Kit

This Converter needs to be connected inversed (Connectors below)

More information about this board can be found here:


  • A2F500M3G-FGG484
    500,000 System FPGA gates, 512 KB flash memory, 64 KB SRAM, and additional distributed SRAM in the FPGA fabric and external memory controller
    Peripherals include Ethernet, DMAs, I2Cs, UARTs, timers, ADCs, DACs and additional analog resources
  • Flash Memory, SRAM Memory, and PSRAM
  • EtherCAT ASIC
  • Programming connection for program and debug from Microsemi's design tools
  • RVI header for application programming and debug from either Keil or IAR Systems
  • Mixed-signal header for daughter card support
  • USB-to-UART connection to UART_0 for HyperTerminal examples
  • DB9 connector for RS485 UART_1
  • Two DB9 connectors for CAN ports
  • RJ45 connector for 10/100 Ethernet (on-chip MAC and external PHY)
  • Two RJ45 connectors for EtherCAT port connection through soft SPI core in the fabric and external PHY)
  • IGLOO PLUS expansion header for I/O expansion (for routing through the EMC I/Os)
  • A2F500 connector provides access to additional digital I/Os available in the A2F500 device
  • I2C headers
  • SPI headers
  • DirectC header
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